Understanding Underground Incentivized Review Services

Rajvardhan Oak, Zubair Shafiq

[CHI 2024]

Deep Learning Model to Detect Deceptive Generative Adversarial Network generated Images using Multimedia Forensic 

Haewon Byeon, Mohammad Shabaz, Kapil Shrivastava, Anjali Joshi, Ismail Keshta, Rajvardhan Oak, Pavitar Parkash Singh, Mukesh Soni

[Elsevier Computers and Electrical Engineering]


Fusion-based Representation Learning Model for Multimode User-generated Social Network Content

R. John Martin, Rajvardhan Oak, Mukesh Soni, V. Mahalakshmi, Arsalan Muhammad Soomar, Anjali Joshi

[ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality Vol 15 Issue 3]

Ethics of Adversarial Machine Learning and Data Poisoning

Laurynas Adomaitis, Rajvardhan Oak

[Springer Nature Digital Society Vol 2 Issue 8]

Security Workers are Users Too: A Novel Framework for Usability

Mrunmayee Khare, Rajvardhan Oak

[International Journal of Computer Application (IJCA), Vol. 184 Issue 47]


Towards Authorship Obfuscation with Language Models

Rajvardhan Oak

[CCS 2022]


You are what you pay: A Case Study in Venmo

Mrunmayee Khare, Rajvardhan Oak

[International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, Vol. 30 Issue 1]


Artificial Intelligence: Ethics in Practice

Jessica Newman and Rajvardhan Oak

[USENIX 2020 login]

Time for a Background Check! Uncovering the Impact of Background Features on Deep Neural Networks

Vikash Sehwag, Rajvardhan Oak, Mung Chiang, and Prateek Mittal.

[ICML OOL Workshop 2020]

Real-Time distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack detection using decision trees for server performance maintenance

Mrunmayee Khare, Rajvardhan Oak

[Springer Performance Management of Integrated Systems and its Applications in Software Engineering 2020] 


Malware detection on highly imbalanced data through sequence modeling

Rajvardhan Oak, Min Du, David Yan, Harshvardhan Takawale, and Idan Amit.

[AISec 2019]

Lifelong anomaly detection through unlearning

Min Du, Zhi Chen, Chang Liu, Rajvardhan Oak, and Dawn Song

[CCS 2019]

Adversarial Examples for Hate Speech Classifiers

Rajvardhan Oak

[CCS 2019]

Using Generative Adversarial Networks for Secure Pseudorandom Number Generation

Rajvardhan Oak, Chaitanya Rahalkar and Dhaval Gujar

[CCS 2019]

Towards Developing a Secure and Robust Solution for E-Voting using Blockchain 

Harsh Jain, Rajvardhan Oak, and Jay Bansal



A Literature Survey on Authentication using Behavioural Biometric Techniques 

Rajvardhan Oak

[Springer Intelligent Computing and Information and Communication 2018]

Smart Collaboration Mechanism using Blockchain Technology

Rajvardhan Oak, Karanveer Jhala and Mrunmayee Khare.

[IEEE CSCloud-EdgeCOM 2018]


A Novel Architecture for Continuous Authentication using Behavioural Biometrics 

Rajvardhan Oak, Mrunmayee Khare